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Be Thankful – Say Thank You

Be Thankful – Say Thank You

Be Thankful – Say Thank You

by Matt Booth

I’ve had enough of ungratefulness. Say thank you for gosh sakes! Say it like you mean it. Be thankful for everyone and everything that has been sent your way. Being thankful and saying thank you unlocks the fullness of life. Saying thank you turns what you have into enough and more. Being thankful can turn a simple meal into a feast and a house into a home. It can turn problems into gifts and failures into successes. Saying thank you can turn the negative into the positive. There is no situation or circumstance so small or large that it is not susceptible to the power of saying thank you. Say thank you until you mean it. If you say it long enough, you will believe it.

If you don’t think you have anything to be thankful for, think about this; a large population of the world spends a good portion of their day finding food and drinkable water for their families. You turn on the faucet and open the fridge. Be thankful. You probably spend a good portion of your day exercising and motorizing your steps on your Fitbit to burn off the excess food and drink.

You have a choice in how you behave towards others. You can be generous, considerate and caring to the people around you or you can be selfish, self-centered and always put your own interests first. If you want to do anything, error on the side of thanking people too often. Have you ever heard someone say they have been thanked too much? I doubt anyone ever will say that. Be humbly grateful and try and thank people until they are sick of you thanking them. No one will ever tire of you thanking them. Anything overused is a bore, except thank you.

Here are a few tips for saying thank you:

1. Say thank you like you mean it—from your heart.

2. Look for opportunities to thank others—actively seek out situations to appreciate and thank people.

3. Look people in the eye when you say thanks—your words will have great meaning.

4. Use their name—you will be surprised how much it means to them.

5. Be specific—about what you are thanking people for it makes the whole exchange richer and more meaningful than just a casual “thanks”.

We all grew up being taught to have good manners and say “thank you.” Nevertheless, I think most of us are guilty of failing to recognize the power of “thank you” the way that we could and should. Simply saying “thank you” and meaning it can give you more happiness and success. A great benefit of truly thanking someone is that it creates a deeper bond between people. A sincere thank you and show of appreciate can make all the difference. Thanks for reading 365ink and my column … I feel better already.

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