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Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #244

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #244

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #244

Notes from the 365ink Publisher

The next election is pretty far off yet and already I’m not sure if I’m going to make it without popping a vessel in my brain. I try not to look. It’s like saying don’t look at a car accident. How can you not. Especially with a big ridiculous idiot like Donald Trump out there saying big ridiculous idiotic things on a daily basis. This whole process seems less like citizens enjoying their rights and freedoms and more like a bad tv show who’s writing staff has jumped the shark.

It’s got to be a really frustrating time to be a Republican. In a age when outrageousness, wild stunts and stinging sound bytes get you noticed, it’s mostly the jokers who excel at that kind of behavior who have risen to top of the field. Obviously I’m a raging liberal, but I think I can still look at this roster of weirdos and see that the ones in the mix who seem to have some kind of grip on normalcy, do I dare name them… Bush, Rubio, maybe Kasich or Christie. But they all trail the Donald by a hefty margin. It seems like everyone in America already knows that Trump is going to implode eventually and the real contenders will rise to the top. But still, seeing people like Scott Walker, Ted Crux, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry in there has got to give even-tempered conservatives the willies.

Being on Facebook does not help at all with weeding through the chaff. It’s about 100 times worse, actually. Basically, at election time, Facebook, on either side of the political spectrum, is simply a forum for expounding lies and bigger lies. Both sides will jump on any morsel of bad juju to aim it at the other side. If you just went by Facebook comments, you might think the Obama was actually the worst president ever. The only things he seems to have going for him are the facts which basically tell the exact opposite story. But nonetheless, this Kenyan-born secret muslim who still harbors secret plans for a third term and an eventual dictatorship is put on a pedestal of awfulness. I don’t think it’s necessarily a race thing, though how many presidents before him have been forced to prove they are an American… or a Christian? That’s just awful. I think people just really really really hate being proved wrong.

I think maybe I’m the only one on Facebook with a bulls*#t filter? This can’t be true, but it sure seems that way. Everyday I see people I like and admire sharing stories that, at a quick glance, are obviously not possibly true. Often it takes about 15 seconds of Googling to point out the truth. Usually it’s so easy that there is an entry for it on, the website that keeps track of such lies. I have to wonder what it is that makes someone post or share these stories? They have to know they’re crap, right? Even the ones from the liberal side, though they are out done about 10 to 1 from the right. But even when I see them from my side it think, why did you post that? That doesn’t solve anything. Mostly I think, if you had to post that to try to bring down someone else and you knew it was false rhetoric, what does that say about your side of the argument?

If you are on the “correct side of the fight, should there not be simple, clear and easily linkable facts to support your assertions and not links to ultra-fringe blogs nobody has ever heard of? But many of these attack-themed sources are so inflammatory that I cannot fathom that an educated person would ever take the seriously. But they do. A lot of them do, and they share, share, share. I try not to argue with them, but when it’s really easy to post a link to another resource pointing out that their story, usually deeply rooted in manure and sometimes hate, is just trash and that they are harming society by perpetuating it, I will. My fact-checking never makes them take down the post though. Sometimes they’ll even admit the point, but leave the post up because “people are entitled to their opinions.” Insert stunned silence on my part. You understand that if it’s factually proven to be false, that’s not a opinion anymore, right? That’s called mendacity… and slander… or libel.

It’s really just frustrated hate in my opinion. If you so hate the other side of your argument that you will knowingly, purposefully spread untruths to foster your sentiments, what does that say about you and what you stand for? I’m not saying liberals are always right. Well, we probably are. But still. Liberals are not innocent in this either. But it’s not a 50/50 thing. There is a lot more easily disprovable chatter coming from the right. Not picking fights. There just is. Sadly, I honestly think many times they post these things because they desperately want it to be true when they know it’s actually not.

I hate when I see my dear liberals do stupid stuff too, even when it’s not even false, just stupid. For example, posting stories about the lion-killing dentist donating to the Romney campaign last election. What does that have to do with anything? Romney does not condone killing lions, you moron. Shut up.

How about we all, in our flaming rage leading up the election, just promise to take 30 extra seconds to examine every inflammatory thing we share publicly, whether it’s on Facebook, at work or in letters to the editor. Fact check it. Before you tell the world that Obama was actually secretly bio-engineered from Hitler’s DNA, look it up. If you can find facts to back that up from legit sources, share away! But if you can easily find proof that what you are about to share is just frustrated hate speech, then move on and find a real argument to support instead. Otherwise, what is it that you are accomplishing with your lashing out? It isn’t contributing to solve our problems. It sure as hell isn’t patriotic.