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Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #245

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #245

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #245

Notes from the 365ink Publisher

I decided that the last Rush concert of what is likely the last tour was a great excuse to whisk myself away to Los Angeles for a week. Yes, I took Christy with me. When I planned the trip, I had neither a sprained ankle nor a broken foot, but I barely got into the terminal from the shuttle in Milwaukee when a nice guy stuck me in a wheelchair and rolled me all the way to my gate. I should note however, that the staff at LAX could not have cared less if I was dragging myself along the floor. Oh well. But the Forum in L.A. parked us literally right next to the building for the Rush concert. Then they traded our marginal tickets for some unobstructed-view seats just off the side of the stage. Broken foot not all bad! Rush was amazeballs, by the way.

L.A. was pretty awesome. Traffic was crazy, but we had some great chauffeurs between my brother Brad, who is the CEO of the Hollywood Film Festival and his friends Brian (King of the Hollywood digital airwaves) Sebastian and Kevin (I just had two shorts at Cannes, yo… and I just saw Vin Deisel in a Bentley behind the Roosevelt) Langue. We never had to get an Uber ride the whole time we were there. We were the ultimate tourists. Brad put us up at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. just across the street from Grumman’s Chinese Theater, where we saw the new Mission Impossible film in IMAX. From there, we hit just about everything you might want to see as a dorky, midwest rubbernecker. Brian got us tickets for the new TCM Star Tours Movie Sites bus tour which was very cool. I’m a movie nut, and it was great to see so many famous locations all packed into three very quick hours. It’s crazy how much recognizable pop-culture is packed into such a small area.

Christy hit the Getty Museum while Brad and I went to a very interesting guys-only event called METal that happens every Saturday where I saw and met a number of entertainment industry movers and shakers. I even met Nolan Bushnell, who not only founded Atari, but Chucky Cheese, too. Naturally, we hit Venice Beach to see the unique craziness that you’ll only find there and popped over to check out the canals. I made Brad push me down the Venice boardwalk on my little wheeled gimp-scooter.


Driving tours were a big part of each day. Whether you want to see the Hollywood sign or the Griffith Observatory or whatever, a car is the way to do it so you can fit it all in. I was surprised that I basically recognized every street name in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Everywhere you look gives you one of those d.j. vu moments like you’ve been there before.

Universal Studios was pretty much one whole day. I did it on crutches and got there via the subway and shuttles… and I survived. In fact, I did really well. Just let me say that the Front of the Line Pass was worth every penny, especially since it was Brad’s penny, but it was most appreciated. Christy and I agreed that the Simpsons ride was the best, but we were sad that the Harry Potter area was not yet open to the public. Yes, I saw Jaws and the Bates Motel.

My Emmy-Winning High School classmate Jennifer Fah got us onto the CBS lot and gave us a private tour where she works… The Price is Right! Yes, I touched the big wheel and Plinko, too. We saw a live taping going on with Drew Carey, and across the hall, we walked through all the sets of popular CBS soap operas. So many shows of all kinds all being made under one roof.


Whether we were driving the PCH to Malibu or getting a private piano recital in the home of an the amazing composer Kim Allen Kluge who’s writing film scores in L.A. when he’s not conducting the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra on the East Coast in D.C., everything was planned around amazing food. Having a very sensitive organic diet, Christy was pretty much on cloud nine in L.A.. She even found G.T’s Kombucha ON TAP at a healthy, local chain place called Tender Greens. The owner is a friend of my brothers who I also at METal. From a topten burger in the world at the Roosevelt Hotel, to deep dish pizza and calamari in Burbank, to Hugo’s on Santa Monica, to . pound shrimp in Malibu, and Duck Confeit panini at the Inn of the Seventh Ray, an artys-hippie-Tolkeinesque hideaway in Topenga Canyon, I was never disappointed with the eats. Yes, I managed to find a way to gain weight, even in L.A.

I wish I could have walked better, but Christy was a super trooper to help me keep up with her as we did out best (see pix of all my food and more on my Facebook page!) And I gotta give Brad a shout out for pulling strings and getting us… well, everywhere! All I missed was some live music at the Roxy, or the Whisky or closing night at the House of Blues, but my dumb, broken foot would not let me stand too long, and in those places, you’re not sitting down. Oh well, L.A. was certainly enlightening. But next time, I’m going on both feet!