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Consider Death

Consider Death

Consider Death

by Matt Booth

You’ve heard over and over again that, life is short, time is limited and you should live like today is your last. Logically— death is a fact of life. Most people tend to avoid thinking about their own death. For healthy young people, death seems so remote. The concept of death is easy to not think about. We live in a finite world and considering your own death leads to a fuller life.

Are you halfway through your life or near the end? There are only so many tomorrows. Do you have 1 or 10 tomorrows? Do you have 10 or 40 years of tomorrows? Don’t wait until you look death in the eye to think about it. We’ve all seen others face death and have felt the value they put on living. Take that feeling and use it to live. By considering your own death, you’ll stop wasting precious moments.

We should all be told at the start of life that we are dying. As the rest of life can be unpredictable, death will surely come. Death does not care whether you have finished all the plans you had in mind. It does not matter whether you are a kind person or a jerk, a success or a failure. Death doesn’t care what color your skin is or your social status. Death takes indiscriminately.


When I think and talk about death, I do things I might not otherwise do. For example, the thought of my own death has me calling my mother more often and crawling on the floor with my boys. It has me telling my wife I love her and grabbing some flowers. The thought of death gets me to church and thinking about the purpose of my life.

I can hear you now, come on Matt—I don’t read this stuff to get depressed— it is supposed to positive. I’m being positive…I’m 100% positive that you will die. The fact of the matter is that there is not a single person on this earth who is getting out alive. Don’t wait until you’re 40 or 50 or 80 or have a heart attack or battle cancer to consider death. Don’t assume that you have enough time to do everything you want. You don’t. It might not be easy to come with terms that you will die, but embracing death gives you the power to live.

Death is inevitable. It will happen to all of us. Try to live with the end in mind. It is because of death that life has meaning. If you could simply do this or that for a century and then do something else for another century, life would lose its luster. Considering death leads to responsibility for current and future actions. Don’t passively endure your life. You only really live when you fight, battle, and sacrifice. You will die, but will you really live?

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“Be willing to risk the possibility of failure as a fair price for chasing your dreams.” — Matt Booth

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