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Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #247

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #247

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #247
Notes from the Publisher of 365ink Magazine

I guess I’m a little slow on the update sometimes. It only took three groups asking me if we do a Winter Festivals Poster to counter our Summer Festivals poster before the frying pan finally hit me between the eyes and I thought “Hey, why don’t we have a Winter Festivals Poster??” What a great idea Bryce! I’m glad I thought of it!

What I actually did was dig out every issue of the paper between September and May of the last year and started looking for events that would qualify for a festivals poster. I mean… it’s Winter. Everyone knows that everything and everyone goes inside and hides until Dubuquefest, right? Obviously, that’s not the case. I wasn’t even to Christmas and I realized we were not only going to have enough events for a poster, but I was going to have more potential events for this poster than we had on the Summer Festivals poster this year.

So the big question of, “Do we reality need this?” is quickly answered. You’re damn right we do. And since it’s Winter, what better to keep your chilled spirits up than a big list of fun stuff to do all season stuck to the refrigerator door everyday?

Step two: See if our long-time Festivals Poster partner American Trust wants to do it again. Answer: You’re darn right they they do. Yippiekayee!

Step Three: Find some sorry sucker to compile, research and update dates and descriptions for 50 Winter Festivals. “Who wants to do that?” said Bryce with a triumphant call to arms! … crickets. How did the office clear out so fast? Well, looks like I’m the sucker. So when you find mistakes, uh, blame Kristina. I asked her to edit it. : )

Now when it comes to Winter Festivals, you do have to change the rules, the parameters if you will, of what constitutes a “festival”. Let’s face it, you’re not going to get 5000 people under the Town Clock on January 10th for 4 hours, I don’t care how good the music is. So we looked at this as more of a “special events” list. Sure, there are legit full-out festivals on the list, but there are also a lot of more specialized, larger, indoor community events that we think everyone should be experiencing (and a few smaller ones too). We could only fit what you see on the list on the list. We really couldn’t wedge any more descriptions on the back of the poster without requiring special tools to make out the words. If your event didn’t make the list and you think it should have, once again, please yell at Kristina. Mostly because I don’t wanna hear it and also she’s much cuter than me and very hard to yell at.

Following the release of this issue’s 11,000 copies of the poster, you will still be able to find your printed copy at any Dubuque area American Trust & Savings Bank location. And you’ll always be able to fine a digital copy online at or through our awesome new mobile app. Yep, we got of of those too. You should get it.

Here’s how I know our app is good. Because even I use it. I use it all the time. It’s not fancy. I just wanted something that would very quickly show me all the events happening in town today, and tomorrow, etc. And then a list of all of tonight’s live music. I don’t want to read cover stories and deep interviews on my iPhone. I don’t need to do a crossword or say, read this article on my phone. Just tell me what’s going on where and do it fast. So that’s what I made.

Yeah, I made the app myself. I am the king of all technology! Also, I have a bridge to sell you in New York… I decided since I had those two big areas (events and live music) covered first and foremost with the top to buttons on the app, I could probably go ahead and give you a little more info, just in case you wanted it. So I put the entire archive of 365ink Magazine issues on there, as well as our festivals poster for quick reference. There are links to our Facebook photo archives but also the photo archives of our friends like General Bob, DigitalDubuque, Schleuning Photography, and Rock the Hub Photos. What the heck, lets do quick links to local movie showtimes on there too. I use that all the time. I stuck all of Argosy’s food reviews ever from 365ink on there for you to read before you try out a new dining hotspot. There is a simple directory of the area’s most popular event venues. Not every business in town; just the ones who host 95% of the events you read about in 365ink. Then I did the same for all of the live music venues in the area. Not every bar. Just the ones who host live entertainment and events. I even did a directory of popular local and regularly visiting live music acts. You know, bands! Find links to their Facebook pages and website under the venues or live music tab. Top that off with a quick simple overview of local weather and big list of news links from CNN to ESPN to NPR to the Onion A.V. Club. It’s all there.

How do I get this amazing new app Bryce? Tell Us! Tell Us! Just search for 365ink in your mobile app store (Apple, Droid, and even Windows Phone). It’s totally FREE and easy. I promise that if you are a goin’ out kinda guy or gal and you put this app on your home screen, you WILL use it. You WILL use it a lot and you will like it. Because it’s simple and does what you want it to do. Period. What a novel concept.