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Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #248

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #248

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #248
Notes from the Publisher of 365ink Magazine

What a weekend I had. It was both my birthday and my wedding anniversary, cleverly back-to-back so I can never forget one or the other. Between that and a community event calendar that, well… you read 365ink so you know how crazy the weekend was, I had plenty on the docket to be sure.

First was a somewhat harrowing trek to the Galena Territories for a house party that required crossing a moat without a bridge on foot while carrying a box full of fresh, piping hot beer nuggets from Gobbie’s in Galena. But it was worth it because Molly and her guests can all cook like crazy! Even if we almost died hydroplaning down HWY 20 in East Dubuque during the downpour that caught us going home.

My Saturday birthday started out perfectly by sleeping in, followed by a mosey down to the Farmers’ Market where Jaime at Adobo’s whipped me up a breakfast plate (with extra bacon) to make sure I had the energy to face my day. I joined my wife, who always goes for the organic omelet at the Food Store, then sat down with Eric Christensen from Rocky Mountain Stoneworks and watched Denny Garcia serenade us while we wolfed down our food. Eric had played before Denny and eventually joined him on the bongos.

Then I got to open the awesome and thoughtful presents my wife got me. Clearly she pays attention to things I don’t even notice, like the fact that my keychain looks like perhaps I work in the field of custodial arts. It’s kind of an unwieldy mess. Not anymore thanks to my handy KeySmart keychain. And I got a new Swiss Army Knife to replace the one on my keychain that nothing works on anymore. I’ve worn through two pair of Bluetooth headphones with my crackhead-like addiction to audiobooks, so my wife got me more of those and, because some boys never group up, she got a the new BB-8 remote control droid from the new Star Wars movie. It’s a ridiculously expensive toy that is controlled by your smart phone. Pretty sweet! She finished off with some original art from Outside the Lines Art Gallery. Our house is probably now a qualified remote gallery for their works. I’ll bet we have 30 or more pieces by now.

After a rest, Mom took us out to Brazen Open Kitchen + Bar for dinner where I had some killer scallops (and half of mom’s pizza) before heading across the street to the Voices Art Slam. As if that wasn’t enough, Club 84 at the Diamond Jo Casino decided that their theme for the night was going to be centered around my birthday. Who am I to argue? So we headed there next. But I couldn’t just go to a dance club, because I dance about as well as I run marathons. So I took my band, Group Therapy, with me. From 9-10 PM we performed only 80’s music on stage in one big set, even being joined by the Club 84 Dancers on stage for a rousing rendition of Footloose.  Thanks Aaron Rainey, Shannon, and crew for that… and the big-ass cake. And thanks to all the friends who made it to the 1-hour compact show!

Then, kudos to my energy-filled mom, who was game for going back to the Voices Art Slam fairly late at night so we could see the finished competitive works of art.  Naturally, we had to stick around for some awesome bluegrass from the lovely Driftless Sisters who invited me on stage to play the washboard with them. What an honor!

Finally, my tired and still healing broken foot made it home in time for some cheesecake and bed, listening to a nice book on my newest pair of Bluetooth earbuds.

Sunday was my anniversary and we were pooped, so we laid low. But we did make it to Eagle Point Park for a while to revisit ground zero, where we got married seven years earlier. Smartest thing I ever did was marrying that girl. I’m a lucky chump. And to melt her heart, I took her grocery shopping and then mowed the yard for the first time since I broke my foot more than two months ago. I’m trying to make myself useful enough for her to keep me around.

All in all, the weekend was just perfect. But as you know, bliss can’t last forever so on Monday I dropped my iPhone in a toilet. On the bright side, at least the water was still clear when it took the dive. But it was D.O.A. And, I’ve since learned that phone insurance is the biggest waste of money and biggest crock of a scam ever devised. Oh well. Is it too late to ask for an iPhone 6s for my birthday?