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Please excuse if you can’t quite find everything you’re looking for on right away. As you see, we’ve put up a completely new website and while there are plenty of loose ends to tie up, the important stuff is all there, or so we think anyway. Events, Live Music, Feature Stories, the online issue of 365ink plus news, weather and local sports. We’ll have links for our photo galleries, movie showtimes, food reviews and more up there very soon.

We hope you find the new site WAYYYYY FASTER than the old one and a lot prettier. We also think it’s more organized and will it’s a ton easier for us to keep updated which means we can put a lot more online than we used to. And we you contribute events, it is also a whole lot easier for us to approve those online instead of resubmitting.

What we’re saying is, as incredibly better as it is from your end as a user to enjoy (yes, it is mobile first friendly and will scale for your phones), it’s ten times better for us as authors and content managers. We hope you come back often and see what’s new, as finally, things will clearly be fresh and new on a much more regular basis.

Have fun checking it out and let us know what you think or what you want to see that you do not currently see on!