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Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #249

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #249

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #249
Notes from the Publisher of 365ink Magazine

Well, it’s 75 degrees out and looks to maybe hit 80 on Sunday… October 11th. No complaints here. But it’s still not going to stop fall and then winter from coming. And, as per usual, when fall comes, it’ll probably last about a weekend, and then we’ll skip right into winter.

A year ago today I was in pretty good shape. I was running and healthy. Flash ahead a year, I’ve been nursing a broken foot and a sprained ankle since July 1st, and the bad foot led to a bad back, and, well, I’m basically a mess. When I try to get some exercise to start my rebound, by body seems to rebel in very clear and determined ways. So that’s great.

I’ve gotta start Toy For Tots season here pretty soon, and I can barely put my shoes on without hurting. So this is gonna be GREAT! If only it could start snowing in early November and really screw everything up. But we’re gonna put our heads down and plow through it anyway. I can’t stay broken forever, so I guess my spirit just has to outlast my rebellious torso. Heat and ice… heat and ice… heat and ice. All day breakfast at McDonald’s isn’t going to help things.

I was able to provide books and toys to some great events this week including the Dubuque County Kids Expo through our friends at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque as well as St. Mark’s Youth Enrichment who ran the kids’ games at last weekend’s Chili Cook-Off.

Speaking of that, last Saturday we made chili again for the Chili Cook-Off in Cable Car Square. It’s one thing I can sort of do with a bad back and bum foot. Plus, since Dubuque365 was born at Chili Cook-Off on October 7, 2000, we feel like this event is kind of like coming home for us. And hey, we can make chili right in front of our office which is super convenient. Once again, we got rave reviews for our 365 chipotle bacon cocoa chili. One person from Chicago came over before the craziness started to see that we were there again and to ask if we were going to make the same chili as last year. So many people made their way to our little corner of the world after hitting the main chili drag on 4th street as if to say that the best was saved for last. Apparently, chili judges don’t see things the same way. We didn’t win anything (I don’t think, I had to leave) but it’s still a good time. And I still make a mean pot of chili, even if it is the only time I make chili all year.

Overall I’d have to say, despite being kicked in the butt by my own body, I’ve been very energized about 365 and what we’ve got cookin’ lately. Everything is really running great, and we’ve got tons of handy tools to help our readers connect to their community through 365—be it in print, online, through social media on mobile devices. Work, if you can call it that, is really fun again.

We’ve been having a crazy amount of giveaways on Facebook the last couple of months. Saints hockey tickets are always a big draw, and we discovered just how much people want to win Betty Jane caramel apples, too. But the crazy one was just this week. We’re giving away a lunch cruise for two on the Spirit of Dubuque, which is pretty sweet, but you’d think we were giving away a trip to Hawaii or something. More than 2,500 people shared the event and it was seen by 60,000 people in just a couple days. Jeesh! That’s some serious traffic for our little Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook and not a Dubuque365 fan yet, get on it, my friend. You’re missing out on all the goodies.

We also launched a new website a couple of weeks ago. I like it, and I think you will, too. It’s fast and a lot more info-filled than the old one including many more images and event details. We really wanted to narrow the focus to events; what’s happening in Dubuque and the tri-states today and tomorrow. And that’s what we got. It’s mobile-friendly and super convenient. Check it out if you’ve not visited lately at

We have an app, too. You have to nowadays, right? It’s even more streamlined for events and live music. No pictures or clutter here. It’s meant for people who are already out and about and want to know what’s happening right now. That’s what it does. It features really fast, really simple lists of events and live music plus links to movie showtimes and more. All the stuff you need to continue having a good time without having to sift through a website or even a copy of 365ink. If you even find yourself wishing you had a concise text-only chronological list of what’s happening right now, go get our app. Just search for “365ink” in your app store. (Not for iPad… you can just go to the website.)