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Wine Whines

Wine Whines By Bob Gelms The Billionaire’s Vinegar How many out there like to drink wine? I thought so, me too. Well this book is an entertaining tome about mega rich people behaving over the top about super rare wines that, in the grand scheme of things, shouldn’t really be all that important. It’s also […]

There Goes the Neighborhood

There Goes the Neighborhood by pam kress-dunn Big bad changes are afoot in my old neighborhood. Dismay has led me to some strange places, including a children’s picture book, a local history text, and a 2009 Pixar movie. The picture book is Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House. Published in 1942, it depicts the story […]

Helping You with Healthy Habits (Even for Halloween)

Helping You with Healthy Habits (Even for Halloween) by Bill Kuttler, DDS I think this must be a “trick” that Halloween is nearly here again.  It seems like I was dressed up like a giant tooth only last week (I bet that is a scary picture for most of you)!  But with the leaves turning […]

Cafe Fraiche

Argosy’s 365ink Food Reviews by Rich Belmont CAFE FRAICHE 609 East 22nd Street, Dubuque, IA 52001 563-845-0467 • cafefraiche.com Facebook.com/CafeFraiche Hours: Thu–Mon: 6 AM–3 PM; Tues–Wed: Closed Dining Style: French Style Café Noise Level: Conversational Recommendations: Eggs Benedict, Breakfast Sandwich, Croque Madame, Crepes, Southern Belle Salad, Build Your Own Burger, Stacked Cordon Bleu, Olive Burger, Chicken Pesto Melt […]

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #249

Bryce’s Inkubator – Issue #249 Notes from the Publisher of 365ink Magazine Well, it’s 75 degrees out and looks to maybe hit 80 on Sunday… October 11th. No complaints here. But it’s still not going to stop fall and then winter from coming. And, as per usual, when fall comes, it’ll probably last about a […]

X-rays–When are they Important?

X-rays–When are they Important?  by Bill Kuttler, DDS “I don’t want any x-rays today.” and “Do you have to take x-rays today?” are probably the two most common comments or questions we hear every week.  I don’t hear them very often from our existing patients because they know our rationale about taking x-rays, but I […]


Squished by Pam Kress-Dunn   Not long ago, I stumbled onto an insight. It came to me as I descended the stairs at home in the dim early-autumn light. Preoccupied with random thoughts, this question failed to enter my mind: You think your right foot just landed on the last step? Think again.   We’ve […]

I’m Ruined

I’m Ruined – 365ink Book Review By Bob Gelms I’m ruined and Jason Mathews did it to me. I read his first novel, Red Sparrow, and thought I’d read just about the best spy thriller ever. I wrote about that in the last issue of 365ink. Red Sparrow won the 2014 Edgar and the International Thriller […]

Is it Time to Revamp Your Landscaping?

Is it time to revamp your Landscaping? Do It Yourself Advice… by Sara Carpenter from Steve’s Ace Home & Garden When did you last change the paint color of your living room? Replace the flooring? How long has it been since you refreshed your home’s landscape? When it comes to home improvement, I notice often […]

Refill the Glass

Refill the Glass by Matt Booth Is your glass half full or half empty? Traditionally, the optimist sees the glass as half full while the pessimist sees it as half empty.  Optimism is a belief that tomorrow will be better than today. Pessimism is a belief that tomorrow will probably not be better than today. […]