Matt Booth

Refill the Glass

Refill the Glass by Matt Booth Is your glass half full or half empty? Traditionally, the optimist sees the glass as half full while the pessimist sees it as half empty.  Optimism is a belief that tomorrow will be better than today. Pessimism is a belief that tomorrow will probably not be better than today. […]

100% Positive Attitude

100% Positive Attitude by Matt Booth One of the stereotypes about having a positive attitude is that you have to be positive 100% of the time. Positive people always see the glass half full, right? This is simply not true. No one can be positive all the time. Bad stuff happens— it is called life. […]

Positive Attitude Party

Positive Attitude Party BY Matt Booth I’ve done a lot of research on attitude. The research is clear. It really does pay to be positive as much as possible. Being positive is not just a nice way to live. It’s the way to live. Positive Attitude Power is the world’s leading and most powerful energy […]

Consider Death

Consider Death by Matt Booth You’ve heard over and over again that, life is short, time is limited and you should live like today is your last. Logically— death is a fact of life. Most people tend to avoid thinking about their own death. For healthy young people, death seems so remote. The concept of […]

Life is Improv

Life is Improv by Matt Booth The practice of improvisation in not limited to the cast of Saturday Night Live and can be used as a life strategy. While improv classes are aimed at helping you perform on stage, seeing life as improv will help you succeed in the greatest performance ever…playing yourself in your […]

Be Thankful – Say Thank You

Be Thankful – Say Thank You by Matt Booth I’ve had enough of ungratefulness. Say thank you for gosh sakes! Say it like you mean it. Be thankful for everyone and everything that has been sent your way. Being thankful and saying thank you unlocks the fullness of life. Saying thank you turns what you […]