Smile – by Bill Kuttler

Helping You with Healthy Habits (Even for Halloween)

Helping You with Healthy Habits (Even for Halloween) by Bill Kuttler, DDS I think this must be a “trick” that Halloween is nearly here again.  It seems like I was dressed up like a giant tooth only last week (I bet that is a scary picture for most of you)!  But with the leaves turning […]

X-rays–When are they Important?

X-rays–When are they Important?  by Bill Kuttler, DDS “I don’t want any x-rays today.” and “Do you have to take x-rays today?” are probably the two most common comments or questions we hear every week.  I don’t hear them very often from our existing patients because they know our rationale about taking x-rays, but I […]

Some Wisdom on Teeth

Some Wisdom on Teeth  by Bill Kuttler, DDS May has me thinking about proms and graduations–rites of passage for teens becoming young adults.  It also leads me to reflect about the dental rites of passage, although most of you probably don’t think about those as often as I do!  Young parents eagerly watch for the […]

It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be!

It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be! by Bill Kuttler, DDS “You crack me up” is an old saying meant as a term of appreciation for someone else’s sense of humor or ability to tell a good and funny story.  It’s a positive statement.  But when it is applied to teeth, it isn’t funny […]

Beverages for Your Daily Ride

Beverages for Your Daily Ride by Bill Kuttler, DDS On my recent RAGBRAI adventure I had ample opportunity to ponder beverage choices where hydration is a constant factor and part of the biking experience.  Water, sports drinks, soda, and of course the occasional use of alcohol were all options.  The impact of beverages choices contributes […]

Shiny and Bright!

Shiny and Bright! by Bill Kuttler, DDS Everyone seems to want to look their best and have fun at this time of the year.  And that seems to be just as true at Christmas celebrations with family and dear friends as it does at a big New Year’s Eve party with hundreds of your closest […]

Mouthwashes—Can They Help Your Health?

Mouthwashes—Can They Help Your Health? by Bill Kuttler, DDS When I was a kid, if I happened to utter a “bad” word, my mother threatened to wash my mouth out with soap.  And back then, that was about the only time I even thought of a mouthwash.  I guess I was really glad I didn’t […]

Dental Homework (Before School Starts)

by Bill Kuttler, DDS As I write this article, school will be starting in about a month’s time. I’ve lost count of the number of people who have been telling me (ever since the 4th of July actually) that the summer is over. I always chuckle at that since for me summer usually lasts well […]

Toothpaste–Most of Us Use It, But How Do YOU Choose It?

Toothpaste–Most of Us Use It, But How Do YOU Choose It? by Bill Kuttler, DDS What is the question we most often are asked?  It is a toss up between “how can I have a brighter smile?” and “what toothpaste is the best one to use?”   Even to the wisest of dental consumers, picking […]

A New Year–A New Look

A New Year–A New Look by Bill Kuttler, DDS At this magical time of the year, we all seem somewhat more open to “starting over”.  I know a lot of people who start out on a new diet, a new exercise program, or various other “new” ideas to improve themselves and their lives.  New intentions […]