Veterans Freedom Center

Veterans Freedom Center By Mike Ironside Support our troops. Whether it’s displayed on a button, a bracelet, or a car magnet, patriotic Americans are proud to declare their support for our men and women in the military who dedicate their lives to maintain our freedom. It’s an honest and noble sentiment and a worthy call […]

Wine Whines

Wine Whines By Bob Gelms The Billionaire’s Vinegar How many out there like to drink wine? I thought so, me too. Well this book is an entertaining tome about mega rich people behaving over the top about super rare wines that, in the grand scheme of things, shouldn’t really be all that important. It’s also […]

Center of I Am

Center of I Am The Midwest Metaphysical Experience 400 Bluff St, Dubuque, Iowa Story and Photos by Mike Ironside A casual observer might notice the name of the new facility at the corner of Bluff and 4th Streets, Center of I Am, and wonder, “Hmm, I wonder what that’s all about?” That’s a fair question. […]


With the onset of cooler weather, bring the migration indoors for entertainment, at least for the wimpy and lethargic among us. And there’s no place to be lazy and have fun like the movies! Between now and the end of the year are tons films, including many holiday blockbusters and Oscar contenders vying for your […]


Please excuse if you can’t quite find everything you’re looking for on Dubuque365.com right away. As you see, we’ve put up a completely new website and while there are plenty of loose ends to tie up, the important stuff is all there, or so we think anyway. Events, Live Music, Feature Stories, the online issue […]

The Season for Seniors’ Entertainment

Fall Season of the Arts… When the Adults Come Out To Play! by Bryce Parks If hot summer nights are made for young people playing outside with hip-hop DJ’s and beer, beer and more beer, then surely Fall and Winter nights are made for adults with a little more sophistication. And by that we mean, you’re […]

Betty Jane Caramel Apple Season

by Bryce Parks If Fall brings the threat of cold weather to come, it also brings to promise of season treats that only come around once a year, at least in the “real” version. And perhaps no Fall treat is more anticipated than the arrival of Betty Jane Candies Caramel Apples. How do we know […]

Dubuque Does Cosplay

by Bryce Parks With the arrival of D-B-Q CON will come the first real non-Halloween excuse for lots of Dubuquers to dress up at their favorite pop-culture characters. It’s called cosplay, a mash-up of the words costume play, and it’s a performance art in which participants, called cosplayers, wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent […]


Saturday, September 26 @ 10 AM–5 PM Sunday, September 27 @ 10 AM–3 PM Five Flags Civic Center Sometimes the best way to make something happen is to provide reason and place for those who are passionate about that thing to show up and pitch in. Thus is the story of the first ever D-B-Q […]

Hookerfest 2015

Saturday, September 26 @ 5 PM–2 AM Sandy Hook Tavern (3868 Badger Rd, Hazel Green, WI) Please, no letters to the editor. “Hookers” are what people who love to hang out at the Sandy Hook call themselves. If you’ve been to the Hook this year, you’re probably a convert yourself.