365ink Impact Awards

365ink Impact Awards

The mission at 365ink Magazine is to help connect people to relationships, opportunities and the best possible living experiences in our community. And the 365ink Impact Awards are designed to honor those who choose to make the effort to impact the community in the spirit of our mission.

Who wins is not a secret. After all, we want you to be able to come down and celebrate your friends when they take the stage. But picking the winners is always a painful process. Naturally, everyone who gets nominated is worthy of an award, but only a select few will win.

The 365ink Impact Awards are generously sponsored by Premier Bank and the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque. Impact Awards started with artist Gene Tully and have always been handmade by great local artists ever since.

The event is free to attend. You must be 21 to attend. It’s a lot of fun and you will discover amazing things you never knew about your community. And if you are one of those special people who make the extra effort to improve the community around you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Woodstock Bader, Crow’s Nest

Urban Bicycle Food Mission Dubuque: Melinda Vize

Project lifeSTYLE: Jessica Pfohl Paisley & Kate McIntosh

Race in the Heartland: Miquel Jackson

Potential on Central: Dubuque Main Street

All Community Reads: Susan Henricks

Over the Edge: Hotel Julien United Way

K.I.D.S. (Kids in Dubuque Skate)

Dimensional Brewing Co.

Mike Meyer, The Otherside

The 2020 365ink Impact Awards will be held on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 7 p.m. at the Mississippi Moon Bar inside Diamond Jo Casino. Live music from Joie Wails Acoustic will kick off the night from 6:30 to 7 p.m. with an additional mid-awards performance.

Woodstock Bader, Crow’s Nest

Urban Bicycle Food Mission Dubuque: Melinda Vize

Project lifeSTYLE: Jessica Pfohl Paisley & Kate McIntosh

Race in the Heartland: Miquel Jackson

Potential on Central: Dubuque Main Street

All Community Reads: Susan Henricks

Over the Edge: Hotel Julien United Way

K.I.D.S. (Kids in Dubuque Skate)

Dimensional Brewing Co.

Mike Meyer, The Otherside

Community Housing Initiatives / David Harris


Mark Dalsing

Phoenix Theaters

Christine Corken

Caprice Jones / Fountain of Youth

Pete’s Thai Kicthen

Tri-State Mountain Bike Riders (TMBR)

Washington Neighborhood Garden/Laura Klavitter and Heidi Zull

Jim Wagner (Veterans Freedom Center)

Millwork Night Market/Andie Donnan and Danielle Stowell

Doug Mackie

Arts: Fly-By-Night Productions: Lenore Howard & Doug Donald

Youth Advocacy: St. Mark’s Youth Enrichment

Volunteerism: Claira Sieverding

Community Pride: “I am a Dubuquer”

Sustainability: Dubuque Winter Farmers Market

Social Space: Tim Hitzler: Key City Creative

Fighting Back: Vicki Allendorf: I Hate Heroin

Unsung Hero: Men & Women of Flexsteel, Dubuque Operations

Non-Profit Excellence: Dubuque Museum of Art: David Schmitz

Music: Gladys Ressler

Dining: 7 Hills Brewing Company

Culture: Dubuque Bier Company: Düber

Tourism: Gary Duster, Graffiti Nights

Outside The Box/Nightlife: Q Casino – BackWaters Stage Concert Series

Best New Thing: Mac & Cheese Fest

Best Business Impact: Marvin Ney: Paramount Ambulance

Best Organizational Impact: 100 Women Who Care

Best Organizational Impact: 100 Men Who Care

Best Of 2018: Five Flags Civic Center

Arts: Downtown Murals

Dining & Nightlife: Flatted Fifth Blues & BBQ

Community Vision: Steeple Square

Unsung Hero: Ron Brietbach (Mystique Ice Arena/Derby Grange)

Sustainability: Ashley Neises 

Sustainability: Paul Schultz

Sustainability: Convivium Urban Farmstead

Sustainability: Bee Branch/Change Program

Volunteerism: Iowa Mission Of Mercy Dental Clinic/Dr. Heyo Tjarks

Best New Thing: Wags At The Flags

Music: Tracey Rush, Northeast Iowa School Of Music (Nisom)

Multicultural Advocacy: Grand View United Methodist Church

Non-Proft Innovation: The Red Basket Project”/Ann Mcdonough, Beth Gilbreath

Community To Community: Resources Unite

Sports & Recreation: Run 4 Troops/Hodge Companies

Tourism: Fred Bonnet

Business Impact: Humach

Organizational Impact: Galena Center For The Arts, Carol Sullivan And Jan Lavacek

Individual Impact: Susan Gorrell

Best Idea: Mississippi River Art Workshops/Bluff Strokes Plein Air Paint Out Event

Arts: Gene Tully

Inclusion: Aulanda Krause

Youth Advocacy: Courtney Holmes

Volunteerism: Geovannni Almanza Olague

Community Pride: Graham’s Style Store

Social Space: Inspire Café

Unsung Hero: Tracey Richardson

Non-Profit Excellence: The Dubuque Dream Center

Historic Preservation: Adam Johnson

Dining: Brazen Open Kitchen | Bar

Tourism: National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

Music: The Lift

Nightlife: The Smokestack

Media: “General Bob” Felderman

Sustainability: Dubuque Farmers’ Market/Dubuque Main Street

Best Business Impact: Hotel Julien Dubuque 

Best Organizational Impact: Special Spaces Dubuque

Best Individual Impact: Tim Runde

Best Idea: D-B-Q Con/John Ohnesorge

Arts: Emergence Of Spirit/Rogue Collections 

Nightlife: Eronel

Dining: Adobo’s Mexican Grill

Tourism: Dubuque Food & Wine On The River

Education: City Life Program

Government: Manisha Paudel

Sustainibility: Driftless Farm Crawl & Farm To Table Dinner

Historic Preservation: 1st & Main

Music: Codfish Hollow

Shopping: Dubuque Food Co-Op

Sports & Rec: Gran Fondo

Non Profit Excellence: Dubuque Arts Council

Volunteerism: Jeff Lenhart

Social Space: Jubeck New World Brewing

Youth Advocacy: Concert For Refugee Children 

Anti-Bullying: Clare Cares

Teens: Dark Chambers Haunted Attraction

Media: Scan Dubuque

Best Business Impact: Family Beer & Liquor

Best Organizational Impact: Dubuque Rescue Mission

Best Individual Impact: Amy Ressler 

Best Idea: America’s River/Field Of Dreams 25th Anniversary Partnership

Arts: Ivonne Simonds Fals/Dubuque Area Arts Collective

Big Splash: Island Fest/Team Of Dreams, Mystique Casino

Community Pride: Washington Neighborhood Mural Project

Economic Development: Chris And Gary Stepflug

Education: Grade Level Reading Summer Academy 

Family: The Ginter Family

Food & Dining: Warren Plaza Hy-Vee Expansion And Renovation

Health: Hills And Dales

Inclusion: Chef Andrew Mettert, University Of Dubuque

Media: Garth Fuerste

Music: Colts Drum & Bugle Corps

Best New Thing In 2013: Baconfest/Area Residential Care

Nightlife: The Cornerstone/Lehn Duhack

Non-Profit Excellence: Millwork Collective @ The Schmid Innovation Center

Shopping: McCoy Goldsmiths & Jewelers

Social Space: Multicultural Family Center

Sports & Recreation: Torquefest

Sustainability: Jule Transit

Volunteerism: Michael Lange/Irish Hooley 

Youth Advocacy: Dubuque Black Men Coalition

Business Impact: The Hodge Company

Organizational Impact: Rotary Club Of Dubuque

Individual Impact: Thom Detterman

Best Of 2013: Heritage Center, University Of Dubuque

Arts: Tim Olson, A City At Work: 1912 – 2012

Economic Development: Opportunity Dubuque

Education: Two By Two

Community Pride: Honor Flight Of Greater Dubuque

Dining: The Copper Kettle

Government: Anthony Allen

Health: The Finley Hospital

Historic Preservation: The Caradco Building

Idea Ahead Of Its Time: The Avery Dicycle

Inclusion: Julie Schulte – Capable

Media: Ron & Jennifer Tigges

Music: The Dubuque Symphony Orchestra

Nightlife: Julie Griffin

Non-Profit Excellence: Presentation Lantern Center

Shopping: Dubuque Area Garage Sales On Facebook

Social Space: Millwork Complete Streets Project

Sports & Recreation: Dubuque Regional Sports Commission

Sustainability: The Petal Project

Volunteerism: Suzie Wright

Youth Advocacy: Dana Livingston – Future Talk

Best Business Impact: Radio Dubuque

Best Organizational Impact: Camp Albrecht Acres

Best Individual Impact: “Santa” Bruce Kotowich

Best Idea Of 2012: The Julien Dubuque International Film Festival

Art: Art On The River

Education: Clarke University

Community Pride: Tom “Squad” Rauen

Dining: Tri-State’s Largest Chili Cook-Off

Family: Music In Jackson Park

Health: Live Healthy Dubuque 

Historic Preservation: Miller Development Group “Riverworks”

Inclusion: Catholic Sisters Of The Upper Mississippi River Valley

Media: Happee Smith Productions

Music: Sandy Hook Tavern/Ashley Lawrence

Idea Ahead Of Its Time: Michael Breitbach 

Nightlife: Boogie Nights/Club 84

Non-Profit Excellence: Grand Opera House

Shopping: River Lights Bookstore

Social Space: Voices Warehouse Gallery

Sports/Recreation: Dubuque Fighting Saints

Sustainability: Green Dubuque

Volunteerism: Steve “Ding” Bell

Overall Business: Theisen’s 

Overall Organization: Area Residential Care

Overall Individual: Randy Gehl 

Overall Idea: Millwork District Partners 

Arts: Art Gumbo

Economic Development: Dubuque Works

Education: Eb Lyons Nature Center

Community Pride: Dubuque Museum Of Art: 25’ American Gothic Tribute Statue

Dining: Woodfire Grille

Family: Riverworks Gallery: Diamond Jo National River Center

Health: The Source

Historic Preservations: The Roshek Building

Idea Ahead Of Its Time: Octoberfest

Inclusion: Sister Jeanette Mccarthy

Media: Michael Feldman At The Five Flags Center

Music: Rock & Roll Rewind/Dubuque Rock Veterans

Nightlife: Riverboat Lounge Dance Floor/The Bank: Dean Wellman

Non-Profit Excellence: Du-Ride

Shopping: Cremer’s Meats

Social Space: Roshek Lobby Partners

Sports/Recreation: Roller Derby–Eastern Iowa Outlaws

Sustainability: Green Vision Education – Dmaswa

Volunteerism: Team Elliot: The Ryan Family

Youth Advocacy: Carnegie Stout Library Expansion

Business: Sedgewick Claims Management Service

Organization: Dubuque Jaycees

Citizen: Dirk Voetberg

Best Idea: “Ten Smartest Cities On The Planet”

Arts: Dubuque Cultural Preservation Committee

Economic Development: Dubuque Initiatives

Education: Get Reel Film Festival

Community Pride: Veteran’s Memorial Plaza

Dining: L.May

Family: Asbury Movies in the Park

Health: Mercy Festival of Trees

Historic Preservation: Hotel Julien Dubuque

Idea Ahead of its Time: Matter Design Store

Inclusion: Multicultural Family Center

Media: “Hear Us Out” ECIA

Music: Midwest Music Makers

Nightlife: PlayDubuque.com

Non-Profit Excellence: Dubuque Humane Society

Shopping: Global Goods

Social Space: Monk’s Kaffee Pub

Sports/Recreation: Radio Dubuque

Sustainability: North Fork Trails

Volunteerism: Friends of the Mines of Spain

Youth Advocacy: Rotary Club of Dubuque

Business: Fisher Companies

Organization: Riverview Center

Individual: Roy Buol

Best Idea: Sustainable Dubuque

Accessibility: Judy Geisen

Best on the Web: Encyclopedia Dubuque

Community Spirit: Tim McNamara

Craftsmanship: David Blake 

Economic Development: McGraw-Hill 

Education: Parents to Save Jones School

Film/Video/Photography: Abdul and Rafic Sinno 

Government: Federal Building 

Health: Crescent Community Health Center 

Hospitality/Dining: Pepper Sprout 

Historic Preservation: Cottingham and Butler 

Idea Ahead Of Its Time: Isabella’s 

Inclusion: Tara Nelson/Shared Youth Vision 

Music: Mississippi Moon Bar 

Non-Profit Excellence: Hillcrest Family Services 

Social Space: Mindframe Theaters 

Sports & Recreation: Team Dubuque 

Sustainability: The Durrant Group

Theater: The Bell Tower Theater 

Visual Arts: Voices From The Warehouse District IV: Metamorphosis 

Volunteerism: Prudential Financial 

Writing: Art & Ethos 

Youth Advocacy: Robert and Fran Parks